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Cllr Paul Wray for Hunslet, Beeston, Leeds City Centre and Riverside

Paul Wray is a working-class lad, who started working at weekends at 16 years old in a bakery, while still attending six-form. He hasn't stopped working since - including on evenings and at weekends for several years to help pay his way through university – the first of his family to go.


He believes passionately in good honest hard work and not asking others to do things he wouldn't be willing to do himself. He gets stuck in, and he cares about doing things the right way, and making sure everyone succeeds.


It is why, after years of being asked – he finally put himself forward for election in Hunslet and Riverside Ward, his adopted set of communities.


Since he was elected, he has worked non-stop for the last five years for them. Making their priorities, his priorities.


He is commitment to the idea of common endeavour, of achieving together, and a society where we are judged by how we protect the most in need. These power his commitment to public service and his dedication to the people of Hunslet, Beeston, Leeds City Centre and Riverside.

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