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Discounted School Trips with TCV Skelton Grange: Wellbeing in Wellies

Middleton Park, Hunslet and Riverside, Beeston and Holbeck Councillors have awarded funding via the Inner South Community Committee to support TCV Skelton Grange to offer discounted school trips to our local school

This means they can offer teachers and pupils a happy and healthy day of learning at a “Pay As You Feel” rate,

Details for their Autumn 2 and Spring 1 programme of Outdoor Education activities to help children get outside, boosting confidence and wellbeing as below.

If a school is interested, they can book via or by calling 0113 243 0815.

Autumn2/Spring 1 Programme of Activities: These are active, hands on days that will work well outside, even through the winter.

Foundation Stage: Wild Literacy: Bear Hunt, Wild Literacy: The Gruffalo and Seasonal Change.

All of our foundation days have a morning of topic themed activities followed by an afternoon of free play in our woodland with mud kitchen, guttering, shelters etc and finished with popcorn round the fire.

KS1: Wild history: The Great Fire of London: Spend a morning learning about the science of fire and the great fire of London. Children make their own model of old London and we simulate the fire! In the afternoon we create our own homes in the woods, have a go at fire lighting and then end the day with popcorn cooked over the group campfire.

A Victorian Christmas (half-day session): Many Christmas traditions were invented by the Victorians - come and join us for traditional parlour games, cracker and card making and gather round the fire to find out how Father Christmas has changed over the years.

KS2: Wild History: Stone Age. A chance to appreciate the skills of our stone age ancestors. Your day would be split into two. Join our camp for half a day to learn stone age skills such as string making, making pottery, painting and gutting and cooking fresh fish. In the other half you practice the observation and sneaking skills that you will need to go on a hunt.

KS1 & KS2: Wild in the Woods Survival Adventure: Do your class have what it takes to survive the Wilds of Skelton Grange? Through role play adventure your class will use communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills to get their gold back from the pirates and escape Skelton Island.

Residential trips alternative: They understand that many schools have had to cancel residential trips due to the current ban on these activities. They hope these important resources can reopen soon, but in the meantime if you would like your class to gain from the communication, teamwork and personal development benefits of these trips then do get in touch, as they are able to make 1 or 2 day programmes of fun and challenging activities.

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