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M621 J1 - J5 High Mast Lightning Protection

A-one+ will be working on behalf of Highways England and carrying out a series of upgrades to improve the high mast lighting on the M621 between junctions 1 and 5 to improve safety and road user experience for drivers.

They will be installing earth mats and surge protective devices to 65 high mast lighting columns in both directions along the M621 up to junction 5. They’ll also carry out checks and remedial mechanical repairs while they are working on each column. They will be working overnight Monday to Friday between 2/11/20 until 11/12/20 - weather and circumstances permitting.

They’ll be working on one or two columns each night. To carry out this work safely both for their operatives and road users. they'll need to fully close carriageways or the lanes next to where we’re working as well as reducing the speed limit on those lanes left open.

The closures will move as we progress through the work and the diversions will also change as we move to different junctions and the speed limit will be reduced to 40mph or 50mph depending on the location of the closure and following guidelines. They’ll need to clear some vegetation to get access to some of the column bases which might be noisy, but they’ll try to carry out this work as early as possible during the shift. You can find out further details about the closure on Highways England’s website. If you have any questions, or if you would like to know about their work, please contact them on 0300 123 5000 or email You can also write to Highways England, National Traffic Operations Centre, 3 Ridgeway, Quinton Business Park, Birmingham, B32 1AF.


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