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Planned Tree Works

The Forestry Section of Parks and Countryside understand that necessary works undertaken by the council to our trees can be an emotive subject and at times may cause some distress to members of public. Therefore here is notice of the next set of non-emergency tree works in Hunslet and Riveride Ward:

4 Royal Place: This is an early mature lime of reasonable health. There is slight base movement on footpath from root growth but not a trip hazard. There are also low over hanging branches and garden encroaching. Branch will lifted to 4m and drawback from gardens by 20%.

34 Telford Place: Semi mature self-set sycamore of reasonable health which has out grown the location and is touching the properties roof. It is to be felled and removed.

Rear 34 Telford Place: Two semi mature beeches of poor standard which look like they formed a hedge at one time. They have now become multi stemmed trees with poor unions and low over hanging branches overgrowing paths and gardens. They are be felled and removed.

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