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Secondary School Offer day

The Council is obliged to offer families the highest preference it possibly can, when applications have been ranked in line with the school’s admission policy. Where a place has been refused, this is because the school filled with pupils who met a higher criteria of the admissions policy, or the same criteria but lived closer to the school.

For parents who have not received a preferred offer, the first thing they can do is to send back the waiting list request form by the first deadline of 15 March 2021. This will ensure that their child is placed on the waiting list for their preferred schools at the earliest point and give them the greatest chance that they may be offered a place. Waiting lists are held in order of the priorities within the admission policy (not first come first served).

Families can also request an appeal against any refusal to offer a place. In order to hear the appeal at the earliest opportunity they must return the form by 29 March 2021. Appeals requested after this will be heard within 40 school days, but this may not be before the end of term. Please note – schools do not ‘hold’ places for successful appeals, independent appeal panels only grant appeals in exceptional circumstances.

Charities like Advisory Centre for Education and Child Law Advice provide independent advice on school admissions and appeals.

The Council would always advise families to contact the school they have been offered a place at, accepting the place wherever possible, as this does not affect where they are on another school waiting list, or their chances of being successful at appeal. Refusing an offer may result in no place being available in September when term starts, as there is no guarantee that places will be available through either the waiting list or appeal process.

A list of schools with vacancies available on national offer day is available on the Councils admissions web pages and families may wish to review this and apply to a school with an available place.

Families with children in year 6 in a Leeds school but have not applied for a Y7 place have received information on current vacancies and information on how to apply. All information is also available on the Councils offer day webpage.

If you have any question, please to email any queries to The team will ensure parent/guardians/carers receive a response as soon as possible, or call the contact centre on 0113 222 4414 .

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