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Update: Hunslet Hall Road Public Drug Usage and Anti-Social Behaviour

Residents are reporting public drug usage around the area of Hunslet Hall Road near to the local shop and churches to us councillors but not to West Yorkshire Police.

Despite this, West Yorkshire Police are aware of the issues and have stepped up patrols. The Council has also recently taken steps to remove bushes known to be used by drug users which are nearby.

We will also continue to work with the police to put pressure on BT to remove the public telephone box on Hunslet Hall Road which we know is being used for public urination and drug taking, but so far BT has refused to do so.

It is vital that incidents are reported to the police so we can build a case with them to remove the telephone box. If you have seen any incidents, please contact 101 or use 101 LiveChat via is much faster. The more that is logged the stronger our case to BT.

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I appreciate these people need help but it's not fair to local residents to find used needles in our gardens. I've had to have them removed from mine. The problem isn't just Hunslet Hall Road, they're in the bushes in Normanton Grove, in the back alley behind Cambrian Street and I've had them camping out under my car port


Don't you think we should be helping the people who are willing to be sat in a bush taking drugs, rather than take the bush away?

Where is a public toilet in Hunslet?

Not many people just start taking hard drug in bushes. They need professional help. Will the bush removing help them with their drug problems?

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