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Update: Linden Road/Street and Street/Grove Road Junction Concerns

Some residents have raised concerns about heavy good vehicles becoming stuck as they navigate the junctions of Linden Road/Street and Linden Street/Grove.

Highways Leeds will now conduct a traffic count to determine the extent of the issue and whether suitable measures may be required to prevent these issues. But the results would need to demonstrate there is a significant ongoing issue with heavy good vehicles using this route which also find it difficult to navigate the junctions before any alterations to the road can be justified.

Other residents have raised concerns about there being no clear road markings around the same junctions. It has been reported this is causing non-local drivers to try and join Dewsbury Road via the wrong route. Highway Leeds will now investigate if a new lining scheme is required to clear up this confusion.

Once we have feedback from Highways Leeds - we will update residents.

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