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Update: M621 Noise Barrier

Highways England has provided an update on the noise barrier works happening on the boundary between Hunslet & Riverside and Middleton Park Ward.

  • They have completed the painting of the noise barrier adjacent to Parnaby Road – changing it from leaf green to olive green and completed the work in front of the barrier.

  • They have completed the pilling work on the embankment at Junction 6.

  • They have installed an additional piece of barrier on the exit slip road at Junction 7 – this is stone grey. They have also carried out some additional improvements to the footpath in this area to make it easier for residents to use and put in a new safety barrier along the slip road. Below are a couple of pictures.

  • The lane closure on the exit slip road at Junction 7 will remain in place until the roundabout upgrades relating to the park and ride have been completed

  • They’ll be starting the stabilisation work on the embankment at Junction 6. This is expected to take until around October to complete and includes improving the drainage.

  • In October they’ll put the anti-graffiti paint on the barrier at Parnaby Road and carry out any additional snagging work on the other sections, and install the noise barrier at Junction 6 entry slip road.

In the meantime they have been developing their plans for the compound area which they are currently using at the bottom of the exit slip road at Junction 7 - next to Westbury Grove. The land is owned by Leeds City Council so they’ve been working with us to develop a plan for the area. Since our last meeting they’ve added additional trees so in total we’ll be planting around 90 trees. This work is due to start around October when the embankment work has ended.

With regards the embankment at junction 6 we are still exploring the options with regards planting and what we have available to us. We’ll ensure we keep you updated as this develops.

Bridge work w carried out along the M621 between Junctions 5 and 7 has also now completed. This year they’ve only got one scheme along this section of the M621, which is the upgrading to LED lighting between Junctions 5 and 7. This isn’t planned until around August.

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