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Update: Reducing The Likelihood Of Grove Road Field Unauthorised Encampments

We know residents and the local school are concerned about the disruption caused by unauthorised encampments on this important local green field and therefore we are committed to enhancing it security.

To do this, the current proposal is to rationalise the access to the field by having one gate barrier rather than three. This would remove one barrier at the playground side of the field and one at the bottom on Lupton Street. The double barrier on Lupton Street would be retained but a height barrier installed over it.

The exiting earth mound on site would be extended behind the wooden bollards and by the Church Street Playground.

As part of the woodland creation scheme we will all assess whether a line of mature trees can be added to the field boundary to not only add extra obstructions to access but also improve the visual appeal of the area.

The work is expected to cost around £10,000 to complete and subject to when the final approval is given and works scheduled - it may take several months to have the mound and height barrier installed.

This will not make the field 100% secure but it will make it a much tougher target to break on to and thus less likely to attract such attention.

If people do try to trespass on to it, the extra protections should slow access down enough so that if this is spotted and reported to the police, they can be onsite before access is achieved.

When the final plans are approved and a date for the works are given, we will let residents know.

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