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Update: St Peter's Court Bus Stop Layby on Dewsbury Road

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Following questions from St Peter’s Court residents about when the promised and much needed half-depth layby will be built at bus stop outside of St Peter's Court to allow buses to pick up passengers without blocking traffic and to improve safety as passengers enter and exit the bus – we have obtained an update from Highways Leeds.

Councillors were originally advised this work would be completed as part of the City Connect 3 roadworks currently taking place on Dewsbury Road, resulting in the bottleneck and safety issues being resolved by end of this calendar year. But due to delays – building of the layby has now been pushed back until early 2022.

We are sorry for this delay, which was not communicated to us. We are as keen as residents to resolve this bottleneck on Dewsbury Road.

We are also still chasing up when the also much needed layby on Dewsbury Road next to Trentham Street is likely to be built. But as the works needed here much more extensive and costly - we have been advised more preparation work is needed before Highways Leeds can commit to when it will be done.

We will keep lobbying for this other layby as a priority as it will greatly reduce congestion on Dewsbury Road.

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