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Derelict Building on Hunslet Hall Road

I'm aware of the ongoing anti-social behaviour, criminal activity, and fire setting at the abandoned building on Hunslet Hall Road between the dentist and the children’s centre.

I've asked West Yorkshire Police (WYP) to step up their work to disrupt this activity while at the same time asking the local planning authority to take enforcement action on the landowner in the hopes we can seeks a demolish order for the building to remove the issues once and for all until the site is developed sometime in the future,

I'll keep residents updated as to the progress of these conversations with the planning department and landowner.

In the meantime, if you any criminality, please report this to WYP by calling 101 or using 101 LiveChat via You should always call 999 if there is an imminent risk of harm to you or other members of the public or there is a fire being started.

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