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Proposed Crossing on Balm Road at the Playfair Road Junction

Following the request of residents, I highlighted to Highways Leeds officers the lack of a crossing facility on Balm Road at the Playfair Road junction. This space is particularly difficult for mobility users to cross, who must instead travel up to the signalised crossing at Moor Road from Playfair Road to cross over safely.

The site has been identified as offering the best connectivity to the bus stop, with the least disruption to other elements of the road. However, some of the current on-road parking on Balm Road would have to be removed and one blue badge parking bay currently located on Balm Road, would also have to be moved onto Playfair Road.

Local resident will be written to ask for their feedback on the proposals and comments should be returned by Friday 20th January 2023.

If residents required additional information or wish to discuss the proposal further, they should contact Highways Leeds with any questions by emailing at, quoting reference TM-32-605-GA-07

Please also sent any feedback to this email as well.


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