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Hunslet Moor Weekend Parties

Last year, residents will remember ongoing noise complaints related to gatherings/parties on Hunslet Moor near to St Peters Court and the Maltings. Last weekend saw these return and we received noise and anti-social behaviour related complaints - Sunday being particularly bad.

I'll be meeting with West Yorkshire Police (WYP) and the Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team (LASBT) to pick up the work we started last year to address these issues and look to gain agreement to bring back in place the resources partner agencies provided last year.

We believe many of these gatherings will be arranged online and informally, with different groups involved each weekend. This does make the task of managing them difficult.

As local Councillors we appreciate that no criminality is taking place and that the public have a right of assembly as long as the crowds remain under a certain size and no licensable activity is taking place.

But I'm still concerned about the late-night music due to the sensitive nature of the nearby residential properties and public urinating is not acceptable.

It is vital anyone who feels they are seeing anti-social behaviour or is experiencing loud music at unsociable hours, contacts the LASBT to let them know. Without this evidence a case to take more proactive action will be difficult to build.

Information on how to make a noise complaint can be found at

General anti-social behaviour can be reported to the number on the below cut-off slip or you can email

Once I've met with WYP and LASBT, I'll update residents.

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