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KFC Hunslet Green Retail Park Litter

Following resident complaints to us as local councillors about litter in the bushes on site and in some cases, rats - council enforcement officers have contacted KFC to ask them to address these concerns. As well as agreeing to regular daily litter picks of the surround area to remove their customers waste and some additional litter bins, they have also agreed to some landscaping work set out below.

  • Remove all vegetation and grind stumps/roots

  • Crown lift trees and dispose of branches

  • The tree marked with X is to be fully removed, including roots.

  • Remove of all vegetation from the small area marked in between KFC and Iceland

  • Heavy Duty weed membrane for section between KFC and Iceland

  • High-quality top soil (screened and dry) for section between KFC and Iceland approximately 4 cubic meters

  • Gravel for section marked by red outline East and North of KFC and Iceland approximately 4 cubic meters

  • All waste to be removed from site, carpark left tidy upon completion of the work.

These works should be completed soon and council officers will continue to monitor ongoing litter issues on the site. It is hoped the combination of the landscaping work and litter picking should address the issues residents have raised.

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