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Midland Close Carpark Disrepair

Following complaints from residents about the state of disrepair at this carpark, Cllr Iqbal and I we have been to inspect it and are very disappointed at what we have found.

We have now contacted Housing Leeds as the mangers of the land and have requested the following actions be taken:

  • loose chippings to be removed

  • potholes to be filled

  • full resurfacing to be requested

We expect an inspection by Leeds Building Services within two weeks to assess what works are needed and for the repair order to fill the potholes to be raised. This works should within six weeks of this happening.

We expect a mechanical sweeper to attend the carpark and clear away the chippings within two weeks.

We'll monitor the carpark and if these timescales are missed, we'll chase up the outstanding work with council officers and update residents again.

The request to resurface the carpark will take much long if it is not already on the future resurfacing list and so at this stage, we can’t advise you when this is like to happen.

Please accept our apologies this work has not been done sooner. We’ll be speaking to Housing Leeds to find out why this work has not been raised soon to ensure this doesn’t take place elsewhere.

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