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Update: Westbury Grove Highways England Compound Planting Plans

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Highways England have now confirmed their plan, in partnership with Leeds City Council, for the reestablishment and addition tree planting of the area which was used as the roadworks compound at the bottom of Westbury Grove.

Highways England have committed to fund the planting of at least 90 trees. Following advice from the council’s forestry team, the proposed species to be planted are:

  • Acer campestre – Field Maple

  • Sorbus aucuapria - Rowan

  • Betula pendula – Silver Birch

  • Prunus avium – Sweet Cherry

In addition, the area will be grass seeded and have wildflowers planted. We are still awaiting confirmation as to the suitability of also planting trees of the grass opposite this site as an additional noise barrier. If the grassed area is confirmed to be suitable for tree planting - we will look to identify the needed funding to do this.

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