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Hunslet Carr Residents Association Report November 2022

Dear Resident(s)

We hope you are well in this challenging time for many in our communities. Here is our latest update of some of the work we are doing on the behalf of residents in Hunslet Carr.

Woodhouse Hill Road/Leasowe Avenue and Road Junction Dropped Kerbs: Following accessibility complaints due to the lack of dropped kerbs, Highways Leeds have agreed to install new one on each side of the road at this junction. Funding has already been agreed and it will now be added to the works list for the local depot. There isn’t a fixed timescale, but this would normally happen within three to six months.

Pepper Road Park: We have approved funding, pending the formality of formal vote at the Inner South Community Committee, for the addition of an activity trail for Pepper Road Park. This is in addition to on order benches, picnic tables and thermostatic play markings. These are due to be installed at any time now.

Tulip Street/Beza Street Park: Following feedback from residents and Middleton Railway, the following proposals have been developed for the Moor Road site:

  • Replacement of the two broken wooden benches with modern metal benches. One bench will be a standard Council model and the other will be designed and built by students from the University Technical Collage and will be based on a railway theme.

  • Installation of one standard Council picnic table.

  • Allocation of space for a metal railway themed sculpture – provided by Middleton Railway later.

  • Installation of standard park welcome signs at each entry point.

  • Installation of at least four educational signs for use by Middleton Railway to depict local history.

  • Installation at least two standard large park bins.

  • Allocation of space for new tree and bush planting.

  • Allocation of space for boundary bushes to be planted to better define the park from the railway line.

Quotes for the elements funded by the Council have now been sought and assuming these are acceptable, they will be ordered as soon as possible.

Quad Bike Shortcut from Woodhouse Hill Road to Woodhouse Hill Road: Following last minute concerns from Highways Leeds over accessibility issues, the final plans have now been approve to added an off-set chicane and double-height railing over the footpath and grassed area at the Hunslet Carr Primary School end of the Woodhouse Hill Road.

Once installed, it will mean most quad bikes will not be able to get passed this point, making the shortcut pointless. For small quads or motor bikes, it will force them to dismount and wheel them through.

74 Bus Routes: We have written to Frist and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority to highlight the poor reliability of this bus service. It plays an important link to connect the local community to Leeds and Middleton together for this side of Hunslet Carr – which is vital for those with mobility issues or small children.

Westbury Grove and Place North Greenspace: We’ve now met with National Highways to discuss how we can improve these two plots of greenspace at the entrance to Westbury Grove and Westbury Place North following the request of some residents to create an area for community use.

The initially plans will look to improve the area grassland in front of the ginnel leading to Pepper Road. It has been agreed to add a line of trees around the outer edge on the land owned by National Highway. In the centre, on the Council owned land, there was a proposal for some benches, litter bins and bulb planting. The proposal also includes adding a metal fence across the greenspace Infront of the ginnel to force quad bikes to slow down and make it impossible to cross the grassed area.

Following feedback from residents, we will not be adding traditional benches due to the fear of people congregating there but we also recognise the need for some form of seating for those who can’t stand but want to use the space. We have therefore asked for quotes for single seater backless seats instead – one at each opposite end of the site.

It has been agreed to progress the work for the fencing to prevent quad bikes access and, if acceptable seating can be found, to have this ordered as well as soon as possible. National Highways beginning the work to authorise the tree planting this planting season hopefully in December or early January.

Pepper Road Telecommunications Tower: We have objected to the proposed location which will just be after the junction with Clayton Road. The area does have poor mobile signal, but we feel the other locations the company has discounted due to their small access concerns is not a valid reason to place this communications tower right next to a person property.

Winter Works Royal Estate: Following our complaints on behalf of residents, work is now taking place to deal with significant vegetation overgrowth throughout the Royal estate. This work will look to remove a number of problematic bushes, trim others down significantly in size and deal with several tree related issues, such as side trunk growth. Work will happen throughout the autumn and winter period.


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