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20/04803/FU Acoustic Noise Barrier Westbury Grove: Update

Highways England have responded to our concerns regarding the colour of the proposed acoustic noise barrier off Westbury Grove. They have agreed to consult on what the colour will be. They have also agreed to do the same for the barrier already constructed on Parnaby Road, on the Middleton Park Ward side of the motorway.

They will provided residents with 15 different colour options and ask them to vote on what their preferred option is. The colour which wins a majority will be implemented. It is hoped this will be the same for both Westbury Grove and Parnaby Road, but there is an option for different colours if there is a significant and clear voting preference from both locations voting results showing this.

Highways England will be contacting residents with a questionnaire, which has a sample of the colours on offer. This is being prepared now and we will be told when it has been sent. It will include a freepost return envelope for residents to reply with their vote.

They will also send all the local Councillors in both wards swatches of the colour palette so we can show these to residents if requested. This is because the print colour can be slightly different on a leaflet to the colour in real life. The colour options are below:

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