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PREM/04654/001 - Comfort & I UK Ltd, 10 Gabriel Court, Hunslet

Reference: PREM/04654/001

Premises Name And Address: Comfort & I UK Ltd, 10 Gabriel Court, Hunslet, Leeds, LS10 1DH

Application Type: New Application

Description of Application: This application will enable Comfort & I UK Ltd to sell alcoholic products to members of the public for delivery nationally. Alcohol sales and orders will be conducted on-line. The secure detached garage is adjacent to 10 Gabriel Court, a domestic house. A small amount of products may be held at this property as most fulfilment of orders will be handled by other distribution partners and Amazon.

Amazon requires all companies selling products through their online services to have their own premises licence. This is an application primarily to enable that relationship. Sales online may occur 24 hours each day, but fulfilment of orders will occur only between 1100 - 1700hrs on any day. Members of the public will not be admitted to the premises.

Last date for representations: 21/12/2020

Case Officer: Mrs Bridget Massey (tel:0113 3951864)

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