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Your Weekly Hunslet and Riverside Residents Update 8/11/20

This is my latest roundup of local news and Coronavirus updates for Hunslet and Riverside residents. This is two weeks of updates - I didn't do one last week due the unexpected change from Tier 3 to National Restrictions. There are several links to more detailed information from the Government, the Council and others within the post. In this update you will find:

[1] Covid-19 Cases Mortality, Infection Rates and Outbreaks

[2] Covid-19 Tests

[3] Covid-19 Care Home Visit Guidance

[4] Covid-19 Furlough Scheme Extended

[5] Covid-19 Self Employment Grant

[6] Flu Vaccination Eligibility

[7] Council Services During Lockdown

[8] Closure of Sports Facilities

[9] Discounted School Trips TCV Skelton Grange

[10] Highways England M621 Acoustic Noise Barrier Colour Vote

[11] MICE Grant Declaration

[12] West Yorkshire Police Stop Hunslet Ride Out

[13] Councillors Monthly Hunslet Tenants and Residents Association Report

[14] Councillors Monthly Hunslet Carr Residents Association Report

[15] Leeds Youth Service November Activity

[16] Leeds Bus Service Changes

[17] Proposed Parking Restrictions for Sussex Avenue

[18] Proposed Parking Restrictions for Lady Pit Lane

[19] Proposed Parking Restrictions for Fox Way, Goodman Street and Emsley Place

[20] Latest Councillor Newsletter

[21] My Meetings and Visits

[22] Upcoming Community Events and Meetings

Previous updates can be found here: Local News Summary. Thank you for reading in advance. Just to mention this website is not paid for by the Council. Please consider making a donation now to support it.


[1] Covid-19 Cases Mortality, Infection Rates and Outbreaks: In Leeds as of 6/11/20, 23,287 people have tested positive for COVID-19. The Leeds 7 day COVID infection rate is now 443.6 per 100,000. Positive test results stand positivity is at 17.1%.

We continue to see widespread community transmission right across the city, with a dynamic picture across wards, but an upward trend in most. The over 59 rate is now 416 per 100,000. This is obviously a lead indicator for hospital admissions, so closely monitored and used for planning health and social care services and with the plan being delivered to support this age group.

Latest figures show 39 care homes in Leeds reporting cases of Covid-19, with a total of 278 residents and 211 staff with Covid. In domiciliary care, there are 3 homecare providers with recorded positive cases. Appropriate control measures are in place and all care homes are being supported by IPC and ASC with further support for those homes with larger numbers of cases. Proactive work is ongoing to prevent further outbreaks where possible and the overall situation is being monitored very closely.

Latest figures from our schools and colleges show we have 3,162 pupils (c2.5%) and 307 (c2.2%) staff members self-isolating and 66 bubbles or year groups are closed. We have one school that has closed with those students being educated at home. This translates into 27 secondary schools with live cases and 60 primary schools have live cases.. The notification system for members continues where there is a significant impact.

There are currently 2 significant workplace outbreaks which are being closely managed by Incident Management Teams in partnership with the organisations affected.

Our key messages continue to be about everyone playing their part, so that we have more people, doing more of the right thing, more of the time, because they choose to. This is especially important to help protect our older and vulnerable people from harm and to protect key health and care services:

  • Follow all relevant national lockdown rules and guidance and encourage others to;

  • Make space and stay 2m away from people you do not live with;

  • Wash your hands regularly and for 20 seconds;

  • Cover your face in enclosed spaces; and

  • Isolate when you need to/are advised to, and getting a test if you have symptoms


[2] Covid-19 Tests: The can be booked online or by calling 119. Whilst we are occasionally able to accommodate un-booked attendance, for reasons of ensuring swab availability and for safety of attendees, we strongly recommend pre-booking. The best place for local testing information is our local NHS site.


[3] Covid-19 Care Home Visit Guidance: Updated guidance has been published to encourage and support safe visiting from friends and relatives to people living in care homes during lockdown.


[4] Covid-19 Furlough Scheme Extended: The Government have announced an extension to furlough scheme


[5] Covid-19 Self Employment Grant: The Government has increased self-employed grants.


[6] Flu Vaccination Eligibility: The NHS website has details of who is eligible for the flu vaccine on the NHS:

  • are 65 and over (including those who'll be 65 by 31 March 2021)

  • have certain health conditions

  • are pregnant

  • are in a long-stay residential care

  • receive a carer's allowance, or are the main carer for an older or disabled person who may be at risk if you get sick

  • live with someone who's at high risk from coronavirus (on the NHS shielded patient list)

  • frontline health or social care workers

Anyone falling into the above categories can get the vaccine at the following locations:

  • your GP surgery

  • a pharmacy offering the service

  • your midwifery service if you're pregnant

We are aware there is high demand and so there may be some delays in getting an appointment. GP surgeries and pharmacies should be able to advise when their next appointments will be.


[7] Council Services During Lockdown: Services planned to remain open, albeit adapted to meet guidance and regulations, and subject to staffing levels on an ongoing basis:

  • Parks, playgrounds and the Arium, plus car parks

  • Funeral services continue with a maximum capacity of 30 people.

  • Covid Hubs - Merrion, Central Library, Compton, Armley, Dewsbury Road, Headingley, Reginald and Seacroft (with post office or credit union or NHS co-located services) - offering order and collect books, PC access and emergency enquiries face to face, with all other enquiries dealt with a telephone call back

  • Community committees will restart as formal meetings held remotely. Plans Panels will continue to operate remotely.

  • Limited impact on elections/regulatory services. Online licensing subcommittees

  • Welfare Rights doorstep visits can continue where needed, all rest over phone.

  • Contact Centre will continue to operate remotely, although less priority lines may be impacted depending on Covid/Local Welfare Support calls and staffing levels

  • Birth and death registrations are available at Merrion House

  • Environmental services, including household refuse collections, flytip removal, litter bin emptying, street/path sweeping, household bulky waste collection and forestry continues. Household Waste and Recycling Centres remain open with visits allowed through the existing booking system. The citywide network of local bring banks (eg for glass) will remain available for use. However, we may need to prioritise or reduce the capacity of these services dependent upon our resource availability and that of relevant contractors.

  • Housing services including Major Schemes, Council housing repairs, investment programmes and lettings

  • Food supplies: Fareshare have a new extended warehouse operational. The Council have assigned £50k if they need to purchase more food. 300 bags of food a week will increase to 1000 on Thursday. Volunteering hub network continues across the city. Working with VAL on getting more volunteers.

  • Safer Leeds will focus on Street Support and Rough Sleepers. Change to support for rough sleepers and those at risk of homelessness to continue.

  • Expect increased pressure on ASB services, particularly around Bonfire Night given existing pressures and more people at home and levels of ASB referrals to manage

  • License renewals will continue, with TPHL Vehicle Inspections continuing with a mixture of remote work/onsite inspection (approx. 75% by checking MOT history, 25% by physical vehicle inspection)

  • Endeavour to allow face-to-face contact with family for children in care (digital during first lockdown) - will be reviewed case-by-case.

  • Our cafes may be able to offer takeaway service where this is manageable

  • Social care

  • Schools and children and young person settings (incl childcare such as Little Owls);

  • Parks operations; responsive highway and winter maintenance; catering and cleaning to support those council venues remaining open; responsive and planned maintenance of council buildings

  • Passenger transport and fleet services to keep council vehicles safe and on the road

  • Important compliance and enforcement – building control, Env Health, Covid wardens, civic enforcement, parking attendants where role is to ensure safety, security/building wardens;

  • Support for public health effort

  • Planned and Reactive Highways Maintenance, Major construction and development schemes, Winter Maintenance

  • Right to Buy valuations continue based upon the external inspections.

  • Planning Enforcement and Site Notices

  • Essential retail operates at Kirkgate and District Markets

  • Road Safety training continues in schools

Council services planned to close from 5 Nov-2 Dec:

  • Visitor attractions, including Leeds Museums and Galleries and Events and Venues including Leeds Town Hall, Carriageworks Theatre and Pudsey Town Hall would close for general public access, some functions would operate online and buildings would continue to operate for specific purposes not prohibited (rehearsals, essential collections)

  • Leisure and sports facilities, golf courses, outdoor gyms and outdoor courts close to the general public with services operating for elite sports and education provision. Some services operate online.

  • Weddings and civil partnerships will be cancelled/postponed, other than in exceptional (eg deathbed) circumstances, where 6 people are allowed.

  • Some Community Hubs and libraries will have to close (see below for those open). Face to face Macmillan Welfare Rights service will cease

  • All non-essential retail market stalls close and Kirkgate Market Bike Hub would close


[8] Closure of Sports Facilities: we now have confirmation via the government and or the governing sports body that skate parks, and basketball courts (including Multi Use Games Areas) should be closed under the lockdown restrictions. We are awaiting clarification on BMX tracks


[10] Highways England M621 Acoustic Noise Barrier Colour Vote: Residents have now voted for their choice.


[12] West Yorkshire Police Stop Hunslet Ride Out: Thank you to the police who prevent this dangerous and anti-social gathering form taking place.


[13] Councillors Monthly Hunslet Tenants and Residents Association Report: You can read the full report here.


[14] Councillors Monthly Hunslet Carr Residents Association Report: You can read the full report here.


[15] Leeds Youth Service November Activity: Planned outreach session details can be found here.


[16] Leeds Bus Service Changes: A summary of the changes can be found here.


[17] Proposed Parking Restrictions for Sussex Avenue: Details can be found here.


[18] Proposed Parking Restrictions for Lady Pit Lane: Details can be found here.


[19] Proposed Parking Restrictions for Fox Way, Goodman Street and Emsley Place: Details can be found here.

In the News


[20] Latest Councillor Newsletter: Here is a digital copy of our latest newsletter.


[21] My Meetings and Visits


[22] Upcoming Community Events and Meetings:

If you have a community event you'd like me to share, please let me know. The events must be non-party political and for the whole community. I'll also offer to host the Facebook event page if your group does not have its own Facebook Page etc. to do so.


Thank you for reading in this weekly update. This website is not paid for by the Council and costs time and money to run. Please support it by making a donation now.

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