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Update: Ask for Angela

As part of our wider work around reducing violence against women and girls, a multi-agency group, including the Council, West Yorkshire Police, Safer Leeds, the Universities, BACIL and PubWatch would like to promote the Ask for Angela scheme in Leeds.

Many premises already operate this scheme but a recent survey undertaken with women in the city has shown that although there is a lot of support for the scheme, women don't know which pubs, bars and clubs operate it.

So, to help women to feel safe, the council would like to promote the scheme and the premises where it is being operated:

  • using Leeds specific marketing and communication materials, designed by a local artist

  • on social media channels and a webpage

  • via Evening Ambassadors, the Police, door companies

  • with posters, floor stickers, business cards

The council are planning to do an initial launch in the city centre on 30th September. There will be a second phase of promotion in December in the run up to Christmas.

The council would love for this to be a city-wide scheme and would encourage you to register by sending an email to

Initially you will include your details on the webpage, and so promote you as a place where people can feel safe and you will be in contacted with more information on how to access the marketing materials in a week or two, if you don't already have your own.

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