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Update: Beeston Hill Bin Yard Improvements

Completed Work

Bin yards on Beeston Hill have been a long standing issue for residents for number of years. As local councillors we have already invested over £140,000 to address the worst bin yards which are under public or unregistered ownership. This has resulted in the creation of a several communal bin sites - taking obstructive wheelie bins off some of the narrow footpaths on the area.

Where a communal bin yard under public or unregistered ownership has not been practical and the fly tipping issue related to the bin yard have significant outweighed the issues caused by wheelie bins being on footpaths - we have closing off these bin yards with gates to prevent the largescale fly tipping issues. This has significant reduced fly-tipping in these locations and their associated fire risks.

We are keen to complete the conversion or securing of the remaining publicly owned or unregistered bin yards and are seeking capital funding to do this.

But most bin yard are in private ownership and it is the responsibility of the landowner(s) to security these to prevent fly-tipping and other anti-social behaviour that may happen here. As a council, we are more than happy to share with landowners the design plans and costings of how we have secured our bin yards on request.

Potential Community Use

Where bin yards which are under public or unregistered ownership have been secured rather than converted to communal bins, we have received some initial interest in turning these into small public spaces.

We happy to discuss this with interested parties but to do so, we must stress the primary function of the bin yard, if they are reopened, must still be the storage of wheelie bins. But we are happy to look at creative solutions to allow these spaces to be used - so welcome ideas, so please get in touch.

Any reopened bin yard would be subject to a good use agreement so that if the bin yard was not cared for, the council would reserve the right to restrict access once again.

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