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Your Local Update 22/11/20

My roundup of local updates, Covid-19 and my Councillors work for Hunslet and Riverside residents. There are several links to more detailed information from the Government, the Council and others within the post. In this update you will find:

[1] Covid-19 Cases, Mortality, Infection Rates and Outbreak Management

[2] Covid-19 Homecare Testing

[3] Covid-19 Clinically Extremely Vulnerable

[4] Covid-19 Business Support

[5] Covid-19 Self-Isolation Support

[6] Housing Leeds Update

[7] Registrars Update

[8] Council Budget Update

[9] Reset. Restart Business Support

[10] Flu Vaccinations

[11] Doing Good Leeds Support

[12] Covid-19 Vaccination

[13] Covid-19 Testing

[14] Covid-19 Asymptomatic Testing

[15] Libraries

[16] School Children and Public Transport

[17] School Governors Needed

[18] Moor Road (LS10) Road Crossing

[19] New Mature Trees on The Oval

[20] International Day of Disabled People 2020

[21] MICE Grants

[22] Meetings and Visits

[23] Upcoming Community Events and Meetings

Previous updates can be found here: Local News Summary. Thank you for reading in advance. Just to mention this website is not paid for by the Council. Please consider making a donation now to support it.


[1] Covid-19 Cases, Mortality, Infection Rates and Outbreak Management: In Leeds, as of 21/11/20, the infection rate is at 418 per 100,000, with the 60+ rate at 397 per 100,000, and positivity at 15.6 – all these figures starting to show a downward trend, but the Council don’t want to be complacent.

Leeds currently has the lowest infection rate in West Yorkshire. The ward picture continues to be dynamic with one ward above 600 per 100,000 and four wards below 300 per 100,000 and the bulk between 300-600. Leeds is ranking 42nd nationally on the latest figures.

The Council continue to see widespread community transmission across the city. Wards at the top change regularly, but levels of infection are quite consistent across the city. It’s important to remember that this reflects amount of testing taking place in each area. We continue to target work to increase testing in those areas where there are perceived barriers to testing and lower numbers being tested. By way of reminder, cases an MSOA level can be viewed here.

  • Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust has increased in patients again this week, with 345

  • There are 36 care homes have reporting cases of Covid-19

  • There are 11 workplaces are being supported to manage cases

  • In schools, there are almost 13,000 pupils and just over 800 staff self-isolating. There are two colleges with cases. University cases remain much lower.

As of the 19/11/2, 890 Covid-related deaths had been registered so far:

  • 872 (98%) were Leeds residents

  • 531 (60%) were in hospitals

  • 298 (33%) were in care homes

  • 22 (2%) in a hospice

  • 39 (4%) in the home


[2] Covid-19 Homecare Testing: Workers will be tested weekly for Covid-19, the Government has announced today.


[3] Covid-19 Clinically Extremely Vulnerable: There are 42,095 people in Leeds identified as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) to Covid-19, and guidance for this cohort has been published on the website.

Support, advice and signposting is in place. Our voluntary hubs are still continuing and the Local Welfare Support Scheme line remains live. Food aid has continued throughout, and remains one of our critical operations – currently 1,600 residents need support with food. We continue to support to schools, for both children who are CEV, and/or children who have CEV parents.


[4] Covid-19 Business Support: The mandatory grant payments are now in the process of being paid, whilst discretionary schemes are almost finalised and ready to launch. In the meantime more information about the schemes, and how express interest or apply, is available on the LCC website. We will keep you posted with developments.


[5] Covid-19 Self-Isolation Support: Up to 16/11/12, there have been 1509 applications to the Self-Isolation Support scheme, of which 64% have been assessed. Of those assessed so far, 48% have been successful, with 91% of successful applications having received payment.


[6] Housing Leeds Update: Housing Leeds will continue to carry out all types of repairs during the period of new national restrictions. However, please be aware that like all services, due to Covid-19 there are fewer staff and repairs operatives available to undertake repairs within the usual timescales.

This means there will be delays in completing some repairs. If tenants have already reported a repair to us they do not need to call us back to check progress, Housing Leeds will make contact to arrange an appointment. Housing Leeds has suspended the serving of notices for arrears whilst national restrictions are in place.

A supportive approach to rent collection is being maintained.


[7] Registrars Update: Once weddings are allowed to go ahead again, and in line with the appropriate restrictions, from early December 2020 the Civic Hall will become the new home for marriage, civil partnership and citizenship ceremonies to allow development work to be completed at the Town Hall. The West Room will be the main ceremony room, with the Banqueting Hall being used on Saturdays to accommodate larger parties. A reminder that all marriage and civil partnership ceremonies are cancelled up to 2 December.

All registrars’ services are now operational again although we are still dealing with considerable backlogs in some areas. However, the service is only able to provide a face to face appointment service for birth registrations, notices of marriage / civil partnership and citizenship ceremonies. Death registrations continue to be performed by phone, which relies on the medical certificate being scanned / emailed to us by the hospital or GP.


[8] Council Budget Update: Executive Board discussed plans to meet the significant budgetary challenges this week, more details can be found here and here.


[9] Reset. Restart Business Support: Leeds Libraries, part of Leeds City Council, has partnered with the British Library to deliver Reset. Restart, a six-month programme to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) transform, future-proof and grow their business through the Covid-19 pandemic.


[10] Flu Vaccinations: Free flu vaccinations are to be rolled out to over 50’s from December.


[11] Doing Good Leeds Support: Please take a look at the Doing Good Leeds advice for supporting neighbours, connecting virtually and sharing what’s happening in local communities by using #TogetherLeeds. Please promote locally alongside the work that you are doing.


[12] Covid-19 Vaccination: UK is in the early planning for a potential vaccine rollout but it is still too early to know which vaccine will be available and when, as well as many other crucial details that will affect logistical planning, for example the temperature that the vaccine needs to be stored at. We continue to influence the national approach to ensure that rollout of the vaccination is effective in reaching those who need it.

For the time being it is still incredibly important that everyone continues to follow the national lockdown restrictions to try to stop the spread of infection, and to keep doing the right things around hand washing, wearing a face covering, keeping a distance when out and about, and getting a test and self-isolating when needed.


[13] Covid-19 Testing: Local information is here and national booking is available here.


[14] Covid-19 Asymptomatic Testing: there have been announcements for local areas to receive Lateral Flow (LF) tests; these type of tests are not as reliable as current tests, but have a quicker turn-around. We need to integrate these additional tests with our current testing arrangements by identifying where they can add value. Planning is also underway – driven by DfE - for asymptomatic testing in student/university settings, with new testing available for students to support travel home for Christmas. This type of targeted testing is separate to whole town/city testing (often called ‘mass testing’), like the Liverpool pilot, which is delivered by the military in partnership with local services. We will keep you posted with developments.


[15] Libraries: The Library Service are running a social media campaign to remind people that free digital access is available for those who need it (this is a permitted exemption in national lockdown rules). The service can help with:

  • Quick digital enquiries

  • Free 1-1 support sessions

  • Getting online and keeping in touch with family and friends

  • Setting up and using emails

  • Learning how to use your tablet or device

  • Accessing free library digital resources such as eBooks, eMagazines and eNewspapers

During this period of lockdown there are also still some computers available for free booking in libraries / community hubs across the city for essential use. Phone 0113 378 5005 for help or to find out more.


[16] School Children and Public Transport: Some concerns have been raised about school children not following the correct procedures when travelling on public transport.

  • Public transport users should wash or sanitise their hands before a boarding services.

  • All passengers over the age 11 must wear a face covering on public transport unless exempt with good reason.

  • Public transport users must be seated whilst travelling and should only use designated seats.

  • If there are no seat markings, passengers should only occupy the seats by the windows and not use the aisle seats.

  • Passengers should follow any general instructions that are displayed on each service.

  • Bus drivers are not in a position to enforce the rules and must rely on people to act responsibly.


[17] School Governors Needed: Leeds is currently looking for more people to become school governors, as 14% of posts are currently vacant. Being a school governor is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference, have an impact on education and positively influence children’s lives, as well as supporting schools through a very challenging period. To find out more take a look at our page on the website or email


[18] Moor Road (LS10) Road Crossing: Highways Leeds have conducted an initial road survey and a recommendation will be put before the Highways Board in January to consider a pedestrian refuge.


[19] New Mature Trees on The Oval: Five new mature trees have been planted on land between Jack Land and The Oval


[20] International Day of Disabled People 2020: Find out what event are on here.


[21] MICE Grants: This week I agreed the following grants:


[22] Meetings and Visits:


[23] Upcoming Community Events and Meetings:

If you have a community event you'd like me to share, please let me know. The events must be non-party political and for the whole community. I'll also offer to host the Facebook event page if your group does not have its own Facebook Page etc. to do so.


Thank you for reading in this weekly update. This website is not paid for by the Council and costs time and money to run. Please support it by making a donation now.

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