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Your Weekly Hunslet and Riverside Residents Update 11/10/20

This is my latest roundup of local news and Coronavirus updates for Hunslet and Riverside residents. There are several links to more detailed information from the Government, the Council and others within the post. In this update you will find:

[1] Covid-19 Cases and Mortality and Infection Rates

[2] Covid-19 Testing

[3] Covid-19 Local Restrictions Income Support

[4] Care Home Visits

[5] Covid-19 Sectoral Guidance Updates

[6] Remembrance Sunday 9/11/10

[7] Jet Retail Limited (Dewsbury Road) Premises License Application

[8] Meetings and Visits

[9] Latest Councillor Newsletter

[10] Upcoming Community Events and Meetings

Previous updates can be found here: Local News Summary. Thank you for reading in advance. Just to mention this website is not paid for by the Council, and costs time and money to run. Please consider making a donation now and support me to keep it delivering your local news.


[1] Covid-19 Cases, Mortality and Infection Rates: As at 17:00 on 8/10/20, the total lab confirmed Covid-19 cases within Leeds were 11,650 (1468.8 per 100,000), of these 573 were new cases.

As at 7/10/10, the total of Covid-19 related deaths registered in Leeds is 676. Of these:

  • 662 (98%) were Leeds residents

  • 370 (54.73%) were in hospitals

  • 269 (39.79%) were in care homes

  • 13 (1.92%) in a hospice

  • 24 (3.55%) in their own home.

The latest figures for the 7 day infection rate is 367.6 per 100,000 and the positivity rate is 20.7%. Almost all council ward areas in the city have rates of over 100 per 100,000, meaning that cases and transmission are city-wide. Our student areas have significantly higher rates. Hospital admissions are rising in Leeds, which has an impact on planned surgery if it continues. This reflects the national picture, with rates across most of the country rising, with really significant rises in northern university cities.

Seven care homes are currently reporting Covid-19 cases, all have appropriate control measures are in place with support provided. There are more than 800 confirmed cases across our education settings. Overall, around 5% of pupils and 4% of staff in schools are self-isolating. Environmental Health have received reports from 45 workplaces from a range of settings that are experiencing Covid-19 cases. Of these, 18 are receiving follow-up support.

To find out more about the current government restrictions for Leeds please and any further questions, visit: This website is regularly updated with new information and frequently asked questions.


[2] Covid-19 Testing: Information about accessing local testing is available on the Leeds CCG webpage.


[3] Covid-19 Local Restrictions Income Support: The announced measures to support businesses that are legally asked to close will provide employees 67% of their wages when they cannot work, up to £2,100 per month per employee. The scheme, which begins 1st November, is expected to run for up to six months, and will be reviewed on 1st January. In addition, for businesses forced to close in England, an increase in business grants - with up to £3,000 a month paid every fortnight. The support will only apply to businesses that have to close as a result of government regulations, but as yet it is not clear which firms may have to close.


[4] Care Home Visits: Since Leeds became an area of intervention, Government guidance is that people are advised not to visit friends or family in care homes, other than in exceptional circumstances, and that care homes should restrict visits to these circumstances. Although the only example of an ‘exceptional circumstance’ offered in the guidance is end of life, the guidance indicates that an exceptional circumstance could be identified where “harm that will be experienced by the resident from a lack of visitation”. Such visits can include inside visits as well as window and other types of visits, but the care home must be able to evidence through the risk assessment that the type of visit chosen represents the lowest risk to meet the identified need and that the home has the ability to manage such visits safely. The full guidance on allowing visiting to care homes can be found here. The decision on visiting should continue to be informed by a dynamic case by case risk based approach undertaken by the care home.


This update can take around two hours to write each week so please support me by helping cover the websites running costs by make a donation now. Thank you.


[5] Covid-19 Sectoral Guidance Updates: Some updated guidance- on the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (including how different circumstances affect eligibility), and updated guidance for food businesses.


[6] Remembrance Sunday 9/11/10: Our usual Civic Observance of Remembrance Sunday event will, following discussions with the local Royal British Legion, be hosted by the Lord Mayor by way of a pre-recorded event to be shown on the Council’s Social Media channels on 8/11/20. The Lord Mayor’s Office will engage with veterans groups and military organisations within the city to invite them to lay a wreath as part of the pre-recording and Rev Sam Corley has kindly agreed to lead the faith element of a pre-recorded Service of Remembrance. Broadcasting the recording online will enable the City to come together, albeit virtually, to pay our collective respects.

In the lead up to Remembrance Sunday, the Council will be actively promoting The Royal British Legion website which contains information and resources that can used as part of marking Remembrance 2020, and learning resources for children, including a book club with stories of remembrance, and videos of veterans’ memories of the Second World War. Other sources of information and resources include the Imperial War Museum, stories of individual WWI soldiers, information about British Red Cross Volunteers in First World War and archives of Prisoners of the First World War. During the weekend of Remembrance our Civic Buildings will also be illuminated in Red as a mark of respect and commemoration.


[7] Jet Retail Limited (Dewsbury Road) Premises License Application: We are happy to confirm the applicant has agreed to reduce the hour’s alcohol sale from 24/7 to 09:00 – 00:00. We will therefore not object.


[8] Meetings and Visits: As part of my many different roles I attend meetings with:

This is on top of my doing casework for residents via email, telephone and social media.


[9] Latest Councillor Newsletter: Here is a digital copy of our latest newsletter.


[10] Upcoming Community Events and Meetings:

If you have a community event you'd like me to share, please let me know. The events must be non-party political and for the whole community. I'll also offer to host the Facebook event page if your group does not have its own Facebook Page etc. to do so. Thank you for reading in this weekly update. This website is not paid for by the Council, and costs time and money to run. Please support it by make a donation now.

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