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Bund and Tree Removal: Rocheford Gardens

Last year, Connecting Leeds wrote to residents and Councillors advising they would to undertaking works to reduce the raised area of grassed land between Rocheford Gardens and the A639 Thwaite Gate. This was beings on the 11/1/21.

The work is being undertaken to allow carriageway widening, footpath reconstruction and the inclusion of a new cycle way. This will eventually facilitate a dedicated bus lane towards the city centre.

Unfortunately the works will require the removal of eleven trees, however seven new mature trees and a number of bulb planting areas are to be included in the new layout on site. Following the intervention of us local Councillors, at least 68 trees mature trees will be planted in the ward to replace those lost.

The works have been planned to take place outside of bird nesting season to ensure minimum disruption to local wildlife.

If you have any questions, please contact Connecting Leeds on 07557 087737 (Mon-Fri, 08:00 to 17:00) or email

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