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Consultation: Woodland Creation Initiative - Longroyd Terrace

Following questions from residents about how many letters were sent and to whom as part of the above consultation, it has been confirmed the Woodland Creation Team did not send letters to all the address we has asked for. We have request these be sent again but this time from our officer.

There is a copy of the letter below and a new end date for feedback of the 30/9/21. Please let us know your thoughts on the proposal. If you have already replied to the original letter - you don't need to reply again.


Dear Resident,

Subject: Potential Woodland Creation Initiative – Longroyd Terrace

To address the climate emergency, Leeds City Council are planting 5.8m trees across the city over 25 years, helping to support the pledge to reach carbon neutrality by 2030.

This forms part of the Woodland Creation Initiative, developing new woodlands to provide and improve biodiversity in addition to fighting climate change. The new woodlands will also provide an opportunity to improve community engagement and public health.

As part of our initiative, this area on Longroyd Terrace has been identified as a potential site for woodland planting (map attached). We are writing to gain insight into the suitability of this site for our project, therefore opinions of the local community are of high importance to ensure the correct action is taken.

The woodlands will be designed with future community use in mind. Trees are set back around 10 metres from housing, and 7 metres from footpaths, with smaller, shrubbier species selected where appropriate. Where possible, open spaces for recreational activities such as picnics or sports will also be retained.

If you would like to find out more about how we design our woodlands, please visit and click ‘Woodland Creation’. There, you will find a variety of resources, including a General Public Information Pack, detailing the processes and benefits this scheme offers. There are also tree identification cards, and an I-Spy activity for days out in local Leeds parks.

Woodland creation is not only associated with improved natural biodiversity, but improvements to mental health and wellbeing. If you would like to contribute to our initiative, you can get involved through our Seed Collection Bonanza in the autumn, or by volunteering to help plant trees at various sites in the winter. More information can be found on The Arium website.

If you would like to let us know what you think about this proposal please email or write to us at Parks and Countryside, Farnley Hall, Hall Lane, Farnley, Leeds, LS12 5HA by no later than 30.09.21.

Your support with this project is most appreciated.

Yours faithfully

The Woodland Creation Team

Parks & Countryside

Leeds City Council ---

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