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Estate Inspection: Springfields, Moor Road (LS10) and Moor Close

Your Housing Leeds Tenancy Officer recently completed an Estate Inspection of the following streets where Leeds Housing properties are located. We know some residents receiving the letter will be homeowners or private tenants.

  • Springfield Green

  • Springfield Place

  • Moor Road (LS10)

  • Moor Close

During this inspection they identified several local issues across these streets which we have summarised below:

  • Vegetation Cutback x1

  • Fly Tipping x3

  • Streets Sweeping x1

These issues have now been passed on to the relevant council departments to resolve. Issues such as litter picks will be dealt quickly but others, like footway repairs, will be assessed and the work prioritised based on need – meaning some could take a few months to resolve or longer.

Housing Leeds will do an Estate Inspection once every three months and as your councillors, we will complete additional Councillor Area Walks throughout the year to ensure the estate is maintained. We are pleased however to see that following our feedback, the number of issues on the estate being proactively identified by officers has increased.

You can also report general issues on the estate via Leeds City Council website at or if you’re unsure of what option to use – contact us and we can help.

If you are a Housing Leeds tenant and you have a concern about your rented property, please email or by calling the local housing team on 01135351600.

It is vital residents let us or officers know about local issues. When we identify problems – we will act. But we cannot be everywhere and thus needing your help.

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