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Hunslet Community Hub and Library

The Community Hub and Library will reopen on Wednesday 19 August.

The service will be a little different in order to follow the guidance agreed between the Department of Culture and the National Society of Chief Librarians:

  • There will be Perspex sneeze screens at the reception desk.

  • Staff will wear face visors when walking around and meeting and greeting.

  • Everyone coming in will be asked for their contact detail for Test and Trace.

  • Customers will have to wear a face covering.

  • Customers must sanitise their hands before touching books.

  • Customers will be able to come in and browse books and also call and reserve books and pick them up if they prefer.

  • Customers must take their own books in and out using the machine rather than asking staff to do this.

  • The number allowed in at any one time is limited so they are asking customers to stay no longer than 30 mins. The limit is to enable social distancing.

  • The number of computers in use is limited as they have to be 2 metres apart .

  • They have removed seating and newspapers for now.

  • Customers can come in for quick enquires but anything that is lengthy we need an appointment made and the customer will be called back.

  • The temporary opening hours will be 10:00 to 16:00 Monday to Friday.

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