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Update: Abandoned Shopping Trollies

Several estates in Hunslet are suffering from large numbers of abandoned shopping trollies. Residents, understandably, are complaining about this and how they impact their neighbourhoods.

Retailers have a duty of care to proactively locate their shopping trollies and remove them from public areas if they are abandoned. On inspecting many of the worst impacted estates, it is clear several retails are failing in this duty.

Enforcement officers from the Cleaner Neighbourhoods Team have now been in contact with some of large retailers and their landlords and informed them that if no action is taken to proactively remove their abandoned property - the council will take enforcement action to force them to do so.

The siltation will be monitored over the next few months and if there is no improvement, enforcement action will begin.

In the meantime, residents can proactively report abandoned trollies via the Trolley Wise App

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