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Update: Goodman Street Parking Restrictions

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

We are aware of the ongoing obstructive and at times, unsafe, parking happing on Goodman Street which has been causing issues for residents on the H2010 development and has resulted in a number of accidents and vehicle damage.

Though parking enforcement is taking place where restrictions are already in place and fines are being issues – the need for great parking restrictions has been approved by Highways Leeds at our request.

Highways Leeds are still finalising the proposals, but these are expected to be completed imminently subject to the final internal approval process within the council. The proposed parking restrictions are:

  • Double yellow lines across the entrances to the development on the north side of Goodman Street

  • Double yellow lines across on all of roundabout junctions on Goodman Street

  • Double yellow lines at the junctions of Goodman Street with Yarn Street and Twine Street

  • Loading Bay for good vehicles only on the north side of Goodman Street for servicing of the development

  • Time-limited parking bay on the south side of Goodman Street outside the café

  • Alterations to the time limits for waiting and loading on Atkinson Street

These are all subject to final alteration should an unexpected issue arise in the sign-off process, but officers are confident these proposals will pass this, and a formal public consultation will start soon.

We are still looking to address issues of obstructive parking within the development on some elements of the Highways Leeds adopted highways and at the Cable Place and Old Mill Lane junction. We will provide an update on these when we have them.

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