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Meadow Lane Roadworks

Central Island Removal: Work to remove the central Island on Meadow Lane will start on the 4/1/21. It will take place during the day wherever possible and will take approximately four weeks to complete. This work involves digging through layers of concrete and there will be periods when it will be noisy throughout the day.

Main Meadow Lane Roadworks: The main scheme on Meadow Lane will begin in April 2020. The current dual carriageway will become a single lane two-way road, with cycle ways and walking routes connecting the city via the planned city park.

Work will mainly take place during the day. However, some work, such as laying new road surfaces, will need to take place overnight when businesses are closed, and traffic can be safely diverted without causing disruption.

Where night works have to take place, Connecting Leeds try to complete any very noisy work by 23:00 each night, and then continue with less noisy tasks throughout the night shift. However, there might be occasions when they need to work through the night to complete noisy work if they need a fully close roads. If they need to work through the night and it’s likely to be noisy and they will let local residents know in advance.

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