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New Litter Bins Approved

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Our commitment to reduce litter in the ward continues as our third batch of non-park related litter bins has now been approved. There were over 70 requests but to allow staff time to build the new litter bins into their work rounds, we decided to limit the number and will look to invest in more later in the year.

This batch will add 21 new litter bins across issue areas of the ward and should be in place within six to eight weeks. The locations agreed are: 

2 X Pepper Road

2 X Church Street

2 X Whitfield Gardens

1 X Hunslet Road

1 X Joseph Street

1 X Midland Road

6 X Tempest Road

1 X Dewsbury Road/Oakley View

1 X HiQ

1 X Middleton Railway Station leading to the Arthingtons

1 X Thwaite Gate near the Crooked Clock Pub

1 X Low Road Primary School on Belinda Street

1 X Hemingway Green

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