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Update: Tunstall Road/Garnet Road Junction Lights

Following feedback at the Hunslet Moor and Hall Residents Meeting, we raised concerns about excessive queuing cased at these lights and the dangerous tailback is was creating on to Tunstall Roundabout. We've now had a reply from Highways Leeds:

We have been monitoring the traffic signals at the junction of Tunstall Road and Garnett Road. The green times at this junction are already bias toward Tunstall Road in an effort to stop queues forming and backing up towards the roundabout, however, I have made a small amendment to the timings to give even more green time to Tunstall Road, holding traffic on Garnett Road.

We do have to be careful not to cause excessive queues on Garnett Road as we don’t want to impact neighbouring junctions and cause gridlock in the area. We will continue to monitor the area and adjust the timings iteratively if required.

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