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Your Weekly Hunslet and Riverside Residents Update 20/10/20

This is my latest roundup of local news and Covid-19 updates for Hunslet and Riverside residents. Sorry it is few days late but it has been a very busy few days. There are several links to more detailed information from the Government, the Council and others within the post. In this update you will find:

[1] Covid-19 Cases, Mortality and Infection Rates

[2] Covid-19 Leeds Restrictions FAQ

[3] Covid-19 Guidance Updates

[4] Covid-19 Care Homes Update

[5] Covid-19 Universities Update

[6] Covid-19 School Updates

[7] Reception Applications

[8] NHS Leeds Services

[9] Remembrance Sunday

[10] Citywide Misuse of Fireworks Injunction

[11] Clean Air Zone Update

[12] Planned Protected Tree Works

[13] Leeds Compassionate City Award Nominations

[14] M621 Junction 1-5 Overnight Roadworks

[15] Premise Licence Application for Home Bargains at Crown Point Retail Park

[16] Meetings and Visits

[17] Latest Councillor Newsletter

[18] Upcoming Community Events and Meetings

Previous updates can be found here: Local News Summary. Thank you for reading in advance. Just to mention this website is not paid for by the Council, and costs time and money to run. Please consider making a donation now and support me to keep it delivering your local news.


[1] Covid-19 Cases, Mortality and Infection Rates: Whilst Leeds is currently has a High Alert status, this may change in the coming days or weeks as discussions on the data and the implications continue for Leeds, West Yorkshire and other areas of the country. We know that the current restrictions and uncertainty about any potential changes is causing concern for many people and businesses. The Council can assure you it is making a strong case for Leeds that balances the urgent need to reduce and contain the rate of the virus, help protect the NHS, support wider health and wellbeing, whilst ensuring that jobs are protected and businesses affected are supported.

One of our big messages to government continues to be that the restrictions are only one part of the jigsaw and we need to ensure that the other parts such as community outreach, testing, tracing, compliance and enforcement all continue effectively, along with our continuous communications for everyone to do their bit to break the chain of transmission to help protect ourselves and others by:

  • Make space and stay 2m away from people you do not live with;

  • Wash your hands regularly and for 20 seconds;

  • Cover your face in enclosed spaces; and

  • Isolate when you need to/are advised to, and getting a test if you have symptoms.

As of the 19/10/20:

  • The Leeds 7 day Covid-19 infection rate was 394 per 100,000. Cases are still distributed across the whole city, with most wards above a 200 per 100,000.

  • The highest rate in the 16-29 age group but there are rising rates across all ages, but the rises in the older age group aren’t as steep at this stage.

  • Leeds 7 day positivity is at 13.6%.

  • Hospital admissions continue to rise, but not as fast in the last couple of days.

Up to 13 October there were 682 deaths where ‘Covid-19’ or ‘coronavirus’ was mentioned on the death certificate in Leeds. Of the 682 covid-19 related deaths registered so far:

  • 668 (98%) were Leeds residents

  • 374 (54.84%) were in hospitals

  • 270 (39.59%) were in care homes

  • 13 (1.91%) in a hospice

  • 25 (3.67%) in their own home


[2] Covid-19 Leeds Restrictions FAQ: The latest version can be found here.


[3] Covid-19 Guidance Updates: The government as issued a number of updated below:


[4] Covid-19 Care Homes Update: As at the 13/10/20 there were are 12 care homes in Leeds reporting cases of Covid-19. Appropriate control measures are in place and proactive work continues to prevent further outbreaks where possible.


[5] Covid-19 Universities Update: A deep dive into the epidemiology from PHE shows that we may have reached the peak in cases in university halls in the city, which is around 60%, with the highest number of cases occurred around the 1 & 2 October. Likewise, the rates in the wards with most students have just started to level, although it is early days. The Council continue to monitor numbers closely, but so far it has seen a gradual decline in cases. Control measures are in place across all University settings, including:

  • Accurate and timely guidance to students regarding Covid and how to isolate.

  • Enhanced cleaning.

  • No visitors allowed into halls of residence.

  • No mixing across flats.

  • Enhanced security.

  • Support for students health & wellbeing.

  • Socially distanced social events.

  • Supported contact tracing


[6] Covid-19 School Updates: As at 11.50am on 16/10/20r, 6,174 pupils (out of 126,976 in Leeds) and 664 education staff (out of 13,910 in Leeds) are self-isolating. This represents around 5% of the staff and pupil populations. 124 bubbles or year groups have been closed (although please note that secondary schools have been sending home high numbers of pupils without closing a bubble or year group). No schools are fully closed. 30 secondary schools have live cases, of which 15 have more than 10 cases; of these 5 schools have 20 cases or more, and of these 2 have more than 30 cases. 76 primary schools have live cases, of which 54 have more than one case; of these 15 schools have more than 5 cases, and of these 4 have more than 10 cases. Six special schools or sites have live cases; 5 of these have more than one case. 494 cases have been archived. The impact on schools continues to be closely monitored with advice and support provided to schools where needed; however those schools that have experienced a number of cases are now familiar with the process and are able to handle this well independently. I will continue to provide this updated data on a weekly basis, and daily notifications will be sent to ward members of any cases that cause full school or year group closures.

Schools are picking up concerns that a small number parents or pupils who are not self-isolating when they should be. The Council understand the police are advocating an Engage, Explain, Enforce protocol. They recommend schools talk to the parents first and if the parent doesn’t engage with them or breaks the rules again then escalate it to the police. The police would then take a similar approach, by trying to engage with the family first before issuing a penalty.

The Education Secretary has announced this week changes to the 2021 exam series. The main points are:

  • It will begin later than usual and start on the 7/6/21 and run until 2/7/21

  • The Government will engage widely with the sector over the next six weeks to identify any risks to exams at a national, local, and individual student level, and consider measures needed to address any potential disruption.

  • No further subject-level changes to exams and assessments will be made for GCSEs, AS and A levels.


[7] Reception Applications: The application window for Reception places in 2021 will open on 1/11/20. Current restrictions mean that usual engagement and publicity activities such as open days and evenings are not possible and support will be given to school who ask for it on digital engagement.


[8] NHS Leeds Services: Your NHS is working hard to maintain as wide a range of services as possible despite sadly once again seeing a significant increase in demands from Covid. It is really important that if you have concerns you access the NHS in the appropriate way. However, please do be patient with us, demands are much higher than normal and once your need is assessed it may take longer to treat you than we would normally want or expect. Please help us by keeping your distance, wearing a mask and washing your hands. Find out more about why you may experience a delay and how you can access services to help you should fall ill or get injured


[9] Remembrance Sunday: The main Civic Observance of Remembrance Sunday service and parade that is usually held on Victoria Gardens will not be taking place this year. Instead there will be a pre-recorded event and wreath laying hosted by the Lord Mayor that will be shown on the Council’s Social Media channels on Remembrance Sunday. The Lord Mayor is urging people not to travel into the City Centre as no events will be taking place but to instead undertake their own acts of remembrance at home. The gates to the war memorial will be open throughout the week of Remembrance (Friday 6-Thursday 12 November) for individuals or families who still wish to lay a wreath. We are working with the Royal British Legion and our faith leaders about how we support this occasion safely. Government guidance has been issued and we are working with our West Yorkshire partners on full guidance, which will be with you early next week.


[10] Citywide Misuse of Fireworks Injunction: Additional powers to tackle the misuse of fireworks in communities across Leeds have come into force this month, after the Court granted us injunction powers.


[11] Clean Air Zone Update: And the Leeds’ planned Clean Air Zone is no longer required thanks to businesses switching to cleaner vehicles faster than expected.


[12] Planned Protected Tree Works: An application for works on protected trees at Chantrell Court has been received.


[13] Leeds Compassionate City Award Nominations: Nominations close on the 23/20/10. You can find the form to nominate here.


[14] M621 Junction 1-5 Overnight Roadworks: More information can be found here.


[15] Premise Licence Application for Home Bargains at Crown Point Retail Park: Details of the application can be found here.


[16] Meetings and Visits: As part of my many different roles I attend meetings with:

This is on top of my doing casework for residents via email, telephone and social media.


[17] Latest Councillor Newsletter: Here is a digital copy of our latest newsletter.


[18] Upcoming Community Events and Meetings:

If you have a community event you'd like me to share, please let me know. The events must be non-party political and for the whole community. I'll also offer to host the Facebook event page if your group does not have its own Facebook Page etc. to do so.


Thank you for reading in this weekly update. This website is not paid for by the Council, and costs time and money to run. Please support it by make a donation now.

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