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Balm Road to Church Street Active Travel Scheme

Following feedback from councillors on their initial design - Highways Leeds have drafted plans for a proposed active travel improvement scheme along Balm Road and Church Street. These improvements would link more residents to the dedicated cycle lane network being developed across the city by linking nearby residential areas to the schemes already in place on Low and Hunslet Road leading towards Leeds City Centre and beyond.

These improvements will be funded by the governments Transforming Cities Fund. The scheme is summarised below in the letter which will be sent to directly impact local business and residents - in which it asks for their feedback on the the proposals. I have also included a plan of the proposed work for easier reference.

After the initial round of feedback with councillors, we are happy Highways Leeds will now include a long sort after crossing point around the junction of Playfair Street and Balm Road, improvements to other crossing points and plans for improved lighting along the footway of the small green next to Hunslet St Mary's Spire. Feedback from residents is important - so please take the opportunity to help develop the scheme by feeding back to the contact details in the letter ---

Dear Resident

Re: Proposed Active Travel Scheme – Church St – Balm Road Hunslet

We are writing to you as an affected resident, to engage around a proposed Active Travel Scheme in Hunslet along Church Street and Balm Road.


The schemes aim is to enhance active travel growth for people wishing to travel by bus, bike and on foot, and to further boost our growing active travel network which will play a vital role in helping people move around Hunslet and Leeds safely.

The main changes to the current highway are bulleted below, designed to implement modern accessible transport infrastructure, allowing residents to reduce their dependence on private cars for short trips, and create safe and sustainable travel by removing barriers to cycling, walking and public transport.

Details of the proposed scheme are provided on the attached plan; the scheme comprises of:

  • Construction of a fully segregated cycle track on Balm Road and Church Street.

  • Footway works at the pedestrian crossings on Church Street and Balm Road (Toucan Crossings).

  • Introduction of light segregation (wands and orcas) on Balm Road, over the railway bridge and between the M621 motorway bridge and Moor Road; and

  • New crossing refuge at Balm Road and Playfair Street.

  • Lighting improvements on Church Street (church footpath)

  • Various ancillary works, such as footway surfacing, drainage, ducting and signing.

We are seeking feedback from affected residents with views being used to develop the schemes aims and refine plans prior to any implementation. We welcome your engagement and comments back by 4th March 2022, if you require additional information or wish to discuss the proposal further, please contact me direct

Kind Regards

Stuart Bullen

Traffic Engineer

City Development

Leeds City Council

Ph 0113 3789 740 ---

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