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Burglary and Drone Usage

Several residents have recently reported being burgled from their gardens in the Hunslet area after spotting unusual drone activity above their properties. It is known that some burglars are using drones to identify items of value left in gardens, which they later break into to steal.

If you see unusual drone activity in your neighbourhood, please contact West Yorkshire Police by calling 101 or using 101 LiveChat via ensure continued activity by WYP.

WYP also recommend:

  • Boundary hedges should not exceed one meter in height, they could become a hiding place for criminals on your property. Side or rear boundaries should not exceed 1.8 meters

  • Garden tools and ladders should be kept locked away when not in use

  • Gardens should be kept tidy and looked after. Packaging from expensive purchases should be disposed of and not left on show

  • Hardy plants and hedges create a barrier that may deter criminals from trying to climb over

  • Make sure sheds, garages and outbuildings are secure. Use coach bolts, hasps, padlocks and shed bars to increase security

  • Be proactive. Consider setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme on your street

  • We also have a Community Alert messenger system. You can register on:

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