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Crescent Grange and Crescent Towers Paving

Further to our requests as councillors about paves area between Crescent Grange and Crescent Towers, we have received an update on the planned improvement work to the adjacent paved areas.

The Housing Strategy and Investment team have been working with the Council’s Highways Design Team to design a range of improvements which will resolve the ongoing paving issues and improve the current paved area. The design proposal includes:

  • Replacement footway works around Crescent Grange.

  • Improvements to the paving around Crescent Towers.

  • Potential relocations of the bin stores to both buildings if required to meet fire safety standards.

  • Improved landscaping to the central space between the two buildings.

Options for additional parking provision were considered however were discounted.

One parking option considered was the provision of spaces between the two buildings (the existing paved area). This was discounted due to the volume of utilities below the ground, the prohibitive cost to have these services moved, and the timescales associated with doing this. Furthermore, this option would cause disturbance to, or potential removal of, a number of mature trees.

Another option considered was the partial use of the paved area between the existing areas of parking provision. This option was similarly discounted for the reasons stated above.

The councils next step is to undertake consultation about the proposed design and this will take place during May 2022.

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