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New Litter Bins Approved

As part of our ongoing investment in reducing litter across the ward, we are happy to announce 31 new litter bin and their proposed locations have now been approved today.

X2 Church Street

X3 Leathley Road

X2 Pearson Street

X1 Kidacre Street/Junction Street

X1 A653 near Audi Leeds

X2 Jack Lane

X1 Moor Crescent Chase

X1 Burton Road near Tesco/Aldi

X1 Admiral Street

X2 Dewsbury Rod opp KASA and near Winston's

X1 Garnet Road

X1 Arthington Avenue

X1 Norwich Avenue

X2 Royal Drive

X1 Moor Road/Belle Isle Road shops

X1 Pepper Road bottle bank

X1 Westbury Place North

X2 Lupton Street

X2 Beza Street/Balm Road ginnel

X2 The Oval

X1 Towpath beneath Richmond Bridge (A61)

These litter bins have been ordered today and should be delivered and installed within six weeks.

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