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Out of Order Crescent Towers Lift

One of the lifts at Crescent Towers is currently out of commission due to a diverter bearing issue which represents quite a complex repair to resolve and requires the manufacture of some bespoke fittings.

These parts are all now in manufacture, however we anticipate that it will be a further 7-10 days before the lift is back up and running. Many other parts needed for the lifts are kept in stock but unfortunately, the specific part that has failed on this occasion is rather unusual and, as above, needs to be manufactured.

Residents have also raised concerned that the emergency number in the lifts was out of order.

Testing this number does form part of the monthly inspection of all passenger lifts, however it appears that an IT upgrade has amended some of the ‘hunt groups’ that the emergency number connects to.

Engineers have attended now attended to reprogram this specific lift and a briefing has been issued to all lift engineers to ensure they are vigilant in testing the number at future inspections across all lifts.

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