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Pepper Road Bridge Works Consultation

The bridge carries Pepper Road over the railway.

Recent inspection works have identified that the bridge is need of structural repairs, which may result in a temporary closure of the bridge while repair and reconstruction works are carried out.

In order to carry out the proposed works to Pepper Road Bridge, the bridge will need to be temporarily closed to vehicles. It is expected that access for pedestrians will be retained during the works, by keeping one footway open or creating a temporary footway along the road. Temporary traffic management measures, such as temporary kerbs ramps and railings/barriers, may be required to direct pedestrians to the open section of footway.

It is expected that maintaining pedestrian access over the bridge will avoid the need for pedestrians to use a diversion route. In the unlikely event that a pedestrian diversion is required, the shortest route from one side of the bridge to the other for pedestrians is approximately 1.75km (1.1 miles) and is expected to take between 20-30 minutes to walk, depending on the speed and ability of the individual. An attached plan to show the two potential pedestrian diversion routes is below.

Vehicles will be subject to a diversion route during the bridge closure. The expected vehicle diversion route is approximately 2.6km long and should take around 5 minutes from one side of Pepper Road bridge to the other, depending on traffic conditions. It should be noted that the vehicle diversion route may be subject to change, as it requires future agreement with Leeds City Council. The expected vehicle diversion route is shown in red on below.

At this stage in the planning process, the start and end dates and duration of the works have not yet been decided.

Once the works have been completed, the vehicle and pedestrian access over the bridge will be restored to its existing condition. The proposed works are not expected to generate any permanent changes to access.

JNP Group are the appointed contactors and for this work and they are looking for feedback on the proposed diversions. If you have comments, please let me know before May 6th.

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