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Update: Public Spaces Protection Order 2021

The Public Spaces Protection Order 2021 – Dog Related Restrictions and Restrictions Relating to Smoking in Children’s Play Areas has now been implemented and published on the Leeds City Council website. The Order is very similar to the 2018 order with only very minor additions.

In summary the main issues that it covers are:-

  • Fouling - a citywide requirement for persons in charge of a dog to remove the dog’s faeces from land and dispose of it in a suitable manner.

  • Means to pick up dog fouling - requires the person in control to carry the means to pick up after the dog under their control (usually poo bags).

  • Dogs on lead by Direction – a city wide requirement that allows authorised officers to require dogs to be put on leads if they are causing nuisance or annoyance to people or animals.

  • Dogs kept on Leads - at all times on or adjacent to the highway/carriage way, but also in some areas where it is necessary and proportionate to keep dogs under closer control. This includes the following existing areas listed below (as listed in schedule 1 of the order):

  1. the area immediately adjacent to the wildfowl lake around Golden Acre Park -

  2. A number of specified ornamental gardens

  3. At Middleton community bike hub

  4. Cemeteries, crematoria and churchyards

  5. At the play area at Springfield Road – The layout of this play area makes it unsuitable for dog exclusion.

  6. The area immediately around Middleton Park lake and visitors centre – Please note that this is a new requirement and is awaiting the installation of signage before enforcement can take place.

Dog Exclusion Areas: An existing requirement where it is proportionate to exclude dogs from the specified areas altogether:

  1. Leeds City Council owned tennis courts

  2. Remembrance Gardens

  3. Leeds City Council owned multi-use games areas (MUGA’s)

  4. Leeds City Council play areas (as listed in schedule 1 of the order)

Maximum Number of Dogs to be Walked at Any Time: This is a city wide requirement. Individuals can walk a maximum of 4 dogs at any time, but professional dog walkers can walk up to 6 provided that they do not walk with or alongside other people walking dogs. Any professional dog walker walking alongside others loses their professional privilege and can walk a maximum of 4 dogs.

Prohibition of Smoking in Children’s Play Areas: In autumn 2015, a smoking ban was introduced across all children’s play areas in Leeds in order to reduce the exposure of young people to second-hand smoke and see less smoking happening as they grow up. This became a legal requirement in the 2018 PSPO, although enhanced signage needs to put in place in order to issue Fixed Penalty Notices.

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