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Webinar for Voluntary Groups Working with People 16-30

Public health and Forum Central will be hosting two webinars for organisations currently working or have links with young people (16-30) in the Hunslet and Riverside; Harehills and Gipton; Little London and Woodhouse; and; and Headingley and Hyde Park Ward.

Public Health and partners across the city want to engage young people and those with trusted relationships in order to develop a meaningful plan to prevent outbreaks of Covid-19 and increased wider health impacts of the pandemic. Forum Central have also commissioned Street Games to deliver an online webinar aimed at young person facing practitioners and/or team leaders covering the following;

  • Scene setting from Public Health – Leeds Current Covid Picture

  • Key Messages – social distancing, face masks, wash hands, testing, wellbeing, staying connected Why do young people do what they do? Explorative, interactive session

  • Capacity Building - working together and/or as individual organisations to create a citywide youth led response to Covid-19, with access to resource and ongoing support available to enable capacity from within your organisation

There are also Covid-19 grants available to organisations with two funding options:

  1. Up to £500

  2. Up to £1500

There are two opportunities to access this introductory webinar on Monday 28th September 1.30-3.30 and on Wednesday 30th September 6-8pm. Organisatiosn will need to register to receive the webinar link. If your organisation needs any further information please contact

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